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Website Design And Development

AJE Consulting can develop almost any type of website from a basic site using static content to a dynamic site with more advanced functionality including support for databases such as mySQL.

Standard Web Solutions: -

  • Website Design and Development.
  • Static and Dynamic Content.
  • HTML Authoring.
  • Flash 4 animation services.
  • Animated GIF.
  • Digital Photo Editing and scanning.
  • Graphic design, multimedia presentation and web animation.

Advanced Web Solutions: -

  • Advanced PHP, Perl, CGI and ASP scripting.
  • Superfluous Database functionality.
  • Services for mySQL and SQL server.
  • Shopping basket and directory listings.
  • Secure payments over the Internet.

AJE Consulting develops robust, cross-browser compatible HTML, optimize graphics for compact web delivery and conducts usability testing. We will attempt to determine your requirements and objectives for your e-commerce solution.


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